2023 Events and Activities

We have experience in helping groups put on events here at Lake Pleasant and offer special group accommodations on Kayak and Standup Paddleboard rentals. Contact us with some details on what you’re thinking and we will call you! Ask about our special event and group activities.


#TrashTag days – Keep Lake Pleasant Clean!

Go Paddle AZ and Go Sail AZ will provide all equipment needed (trash grabber, bags, gloves, and bucket) to clean up litter from the lake. We will properly dispose of trash for you when you return. YOU must bring sun protection and plenty of water.

#TrashTag clean the lake day 2023 dates:

-Tuesday, March 28th 8am-10am (bookable online 3/1/23)

-Wednesday, April 19th 8am-10am (bookable online 4/1/23)

-Tuesday, May 16th 8am-10am (bookable online 5/1/23)

-Wednesday, June 21st 8am-10am (bookable online 6/1/23)

-Tuesday, July 18th 8am-10am (bookable online 7/1/23)

-Wednesday, August 16th 8am-10am (bookable online 8/1/23)

-Tuesday, September 19th 8am-10am (bookable online 9/1/23)

-Wednesday, October 18th 8am-10am (bookable online 10/1/23)


A collage of photos of people in kayaks returning with buckets of trash


Endless SUP Race for a GOOD CAUSE

The Endless SUP race allows paddlers of all ages to compete against themselves and others for time. With the following age groups, each with a male and female category, anyone can compete.
We have a buoy set up and all paddlers are timed around the buoy and back. Winners of each age group will be pictured and time posted in our office on the leader board.

You think you have what it takes? Test your skills and see if you can beat the current posted time in your age group. Then see how long you can stay on the leader board. A portion of the Proceeds will be donated to local non-profit (TBD). Dates will be posted Spring 2023.

Please note this is not an officially sanctioned SUP race event but is a competitive activity for a local non-profit. This event is meant to be fun, competitive, and all for a great cause to lift up our community.

You don’t even need to own/bring your own SUP. You just need to bring your skills. All racers will use same (surf-style) 11′ SUP from our rental shop in order to keep a level playing field. Online reservation required for all racers. Limited to availability.

2023 Race Dates:

Coming Soon Spring 2023